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Takurua wellbeing boosts

This activity is all about doubling down on takurua wellbeing, which means thinking of ways you can nurture your tamariki wellbeing and hauora, and so you receive some of the benefits too! We’re thinking the smallest of input, for maximum wellbeing boosting impact because takurua can be a little tiring.

Firstly, the science...

Over takurua we experience reduced daylight hours and lower temperatures, which can lead to feelings of isolation and lethargy. By engaging in small, wellbeing-focused activities we can counteract the takurua blues and bolster our emotional resilience. These activities promote a sense of coziness and connection, lifting spirits and fostering a positive mindset 

What to do

Takurua Wellbeing Boost 1

Notice takurua - Head outside, asking tamariki to tune in to takurua! Conjure up ideas about them ‘basking in takurua’ Soak in the smells, the colours, the feelings and sensations, taste takurua! Use their observations to write about, rap about, kōrero about, make art about…

And for you… soak it in too!


Takurua Wellbeing Boost 2

Share hopes and dreams - Pair up tamariki and ask them to share their hopes and dreams with each other. Remind them that this activity isn’t about having the best hopes and dreams, it’s about connecting and the best way we connect is to āta whakarongo - through mindful listening. Ask tamariki to notice what they felt at the beginning of their kōrero compared to the end and share your observations too. 

And for you… be part of a pair if needed, or take this home for some time with your whānau or friends.


Takurua Wellbeing Boost 3

Connect to your name - Ask tamariki to learn a little about any part of their name. They might choose to head online, reflect on what they know or ask whānau as part of their take home learning or via Seesaw or other connecting platforms. Ask what they’re proud of? Ask how this learning supports them and in what way?

And for you… take time to enjoy the smiles, the joy, the pride, the curiosity, the wonder and be present and in the moment.

Takurua Wellbeing Boost 4

Invite some manaakitanga - Bring in some milo and milk (watching for kai allergies) and ask that tamariki make and take a drink to one of their peers. You might have to allocate! Ask them to check in to see what their peers would like (might be milo or water!) and then give the time they need to make it and present it! 

And for you… this is a kindness activity, so we want you to only reflect on one of the kind acts you’ve done this week and welcome any good feelings that brings for a moment, or 3!


Takurua Wellbeing Boost 5

Take a 5 minute break to hikoi (walk) - Let tamariki know this is just about taking a break before setting back into some lessons. After the 5 minute hikoi ask tamariki how they feel now, compared to before the hikoi - any change? Note your own observations too.

And for you… join your tamariki in this movement!

Kaiako card

To make things easy, print and go with the Takurua Wellbeing Boost activity kaiako card.

Whānau engagement

You may want to give whānau the heads up about tamariki researching their names - this will make for such an important kōrero for them!

Some kupu you could use - 

This week we are going to look at our names - where they came from, what they mean, what about our name and it whakapapa supports us? If you could kōrero with your child about how they were gifted their name, I’m sure they will love this time with you, and the pūrākau (story). Enjoy this time together. 

And to add to this...

Takurua is a tough time of year and we need all the support we can get to keep our ākonga engaged, try out Let's take a brain break and Encouraging pukapuka love to keep the learning fun

Curriculum links

Health and PE Curriculum   

Personal Health and physical development: A2 - Regular physical activity 

Personal Health and physical development: A4 - Personal identity

Movement concepts and motor skills: B1 - Movement concepts and motor skills 

Relationships with other people: C1 - Relationships 

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