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A term of Matariki and HPE

Week 1 - Look at activities with support reconnecting as a class and school whānau after the holidays and begin Matariki exploration and learning.

Week 2 - Explore Tupu-ā-nuku, a whetū connected to kai grown in the ground and Tupu-ā-rangi who is associated with food that comes from the sky and is linked to manu (birds). We thought we'd support you in growing herbs in your classroom as a means to explore Tupu-ā-rangi and prepare for your whānau Matariki event - herbs are great in hupa (soup)!

Week 3 - Exploring Waipuna-ā-rangi who is connected to the rain. The name itself means "water that pools in the sky".  As well as this it's Outdoor Classroom Day, so a great time to discover the sky, how the rain falls in your area, or kura. You might look to map its ara (path) - a great numeracy connect!

Week 4 - Exploring Waitā who is associated with the ocean and kai gathered from the sea. Plan a trip to a local beach and connect in with a cleanup organisation to do a beach cleanup, or think about how some beach safety might connect in here. 

Week 5 - Exploring Waitī who is connected to fresh water and living creatures in the awa, streams, and roto. Investigate or create local maps of your awa. Link learning to pūrākau about the environment and Parawhenuamea (Atua of Fresh Water).

Week 6 - Exploring Ururangi and the connection to the wind. We will be looking for pūrākau in connection to Tāwhirimātea and exploring emotional learning. Kite making is another way to connect to Ururangi.

Week 7 - Focus on Pōhutukawa - and our memories and aroha for people who have passed away.  We will explore The Memory Tree by Bitta Teckentrup and reflect on important people we remember.

Week 8 - Explore Hiwa-i-te-rangi known as the wishing star. Tamariki can plan and write their own Matariki goals and wishes for the year ahead. 

Week 9 - Explore Matariki using an art piece which connects your tamariki through their environment, community and link this to their pepeha. This is where you might create a whānau and community event alongside the national holiday.

Week 10 - Wrapping up the term on a high note and integration of hauora learning alongside your Terms Matariki haerenga. 

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