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Our Matariki wall display

Each week across the term we introduce a new whetū, use the star points and the unique star centre each week to build your classroom's Matariki display

Firstly, the science...

Recognising Matariki as our new year contributes to the revitalisation of te Ao Māori, fostering a strong sense of cultural identity and pride, which in turn supports our oranga (wellbeing). There are also many other hauora benefits which include connecting to and appreciating te taiao, and engagement within our communities. Matariki also supports our sense of meaning, purpose, and hope.

Why this activity?

This activity allows us to link our Matariki learning together while creating a wall (or ceiling!) display of the nine whetū.

What to do

Each week of the term as your tamariki learn about a different Matariki whetū as a class assemble and add to your Matariki wall display. Use the same star points sheet each week and print a unique centre and visual reminders of that star's connection.

Tupu-ā-nuku & Tupu-ā-rangi








And to add to this...

Continue your Matariki learning with our assortment of Matariki activities

Curriculum links

The Arts Curriculum

Communicating and Interpreting: Share the ideas, feelings, and stories communicated by their own and others’ objects and images. 

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