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Mindful Matariki 

Matariki is a wonderful time to spend some time being mindful and present. In this way tamariki can sink into the slower takurua time.

Firstly, the science...

While there may not be specific studies on the effects of mindfulness and gratitude practices during Matariki and takarua (winter), the benefits of mindfulness and gratitude practices have been widely researched and documented. Incorporating these practices during Matariki will support stress and anxiety reduction, improved attention and concentration, support positive relationships and perhaps improved moe (sleep)! 

It’s important to note that the benefits of mindfulness and gratitude practices are cumulative and develop with regular practice over time. Experimenting with different mindfulness techniques, such as mindful breathing, body scans, or walking meditations, and practicing gratitude through reflection, journaling, or acts of kindness will support hauora over Matariki and takarua time.

What to do

Part of Matariki can include being present (mindful) and reflecting on the people we care about and love. 


This video from Mindfuli - Mindfulness in Schools Ōtautahi is a really simple way to do just that. 



This activity might pair beautifully with a bit of gratitude writing alongside it, or keep it simple and add it into each day over the week. It will support calmness, kind reflections and tamariki to feel good. 

Whānau engagement

Share the link with whānau to also practice at home. Or send them some videos of tamariki kōrero before mindful practice, and after. This will really support you (and them) to notice any difference!

You might like to also incorporate this mindful activity, or another into your Matariki event. 

And to add to this...

Some other awesome mindfulness activities we have on offer are Ngahuru mindful colouring, Manu of a feather - a fun team exercise that helps us appreciate the people around us, and we have our Aotearoa Manu coloring sheet we released as a part of Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa activity which is perfect for some mindful coloring.

Curriculum Links

Health and PE Curriculum 

Personal Health and physical development: A1 - Personal growth and development

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