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Matariki Literacy

A simple literacy activity to support great writing. 

Firstly, the science...

Writing about something specific that we notice, such as a moment of seeing rangi, involves a combination of personal perception, creative expression and perhaps scientific observation. It encompasses our personal emotions, experiences, and interpretations, allowing us to capture the beauty, awe, and wonder of rangi or maraca in a way that engages and resonates with readers. It’s the crispness of the writing that will do this, that’s why focusing on one tiny moment is so good for extending our writing skills.

What to do

Tamariki will only need a pencil and paper or their devices, alongside one of the ideas from below. Remind them of their senses and emotions in order that they include these in their writing. They could write a short story or poem. If they believe the moment is meaningful, and they want others to know, this may help them conjure up a great way to write about it.


In light of Matariki and under its current rangi, perhaps offer a writing topic of tamariki first moments together again this week. What they saw, what they felt, what they smelt, touched and heard upon entering their space at school again, together. We reckon this might conjure up some Matariki magic!

And to add to this...

  • A moment when tamariki have watched the night sky - from the car, from their window, when bringing in wood at night

  • A moment they shared kai with whānau

  • A moment they remembered someone they love and miss

  • That time they noticed the whetū or marama

  • That time they smelt te taiao - cut grass, the rain, the bush, dirt on their hands, the awa water, a warm kōhatu, the moana

  • That time they touched te taiao - the frost under their boots, the moss on a rākau trunk, the water falling from a waterfall, wave or rapid, the dirt on my knee, rā on my back

Now we've had some ka rawe writting linking to Matariki try out some Matariki whetū artwork

Kaiako card

To make things easier, refer to or print the kaiako card for this activity.

Whānau engagement

Ask tamariki to read their writing out and video to share on your networks. Ask whānau to show tamariki rangi tonight to form some great writing moment ideas. 

Curriculum Links

English Curiculum 

Creating meaning for themselves or others (speaking, writing, and presenting).

Health and PE Curriculum     

Personal Health and physical development: A4 Personal identity 

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