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Connecting with Waitī

These activities create opportunity for tamariki to connect with their local awa in fun and exciting ways without having to leave the classroom

Firstly, the science...

Research shows that listening to beach or ocean sounds has a positive effect on our health (hauora) and wellbeing (oranga) by lowering our heart rate and promoting a sense of calm. When breathing or mindfulness exercises are combined with these sounds, the relaxation response can be intensified. Natural soundscapes also provide tamariki with a sensory connection to te taiao, reinforcing their place in the world, and building a sense of security. 

Our ideas...

Investigate or create maps of your local awa
A Google search on ‘New Zealand River maps’ gives so much great information - we got lost looking at rivers from the Google Maps satellites, looking at the intricacies of our big rivers using the Niwa site. We also discovered historic photos and maps. Tamariki may love exploring these images but also creating maps of their own, or artwork of their awa.

Pepeha and awa connect
You might like to look at the connection of awa inside our Pepeha. We love the Tākai Pepeha template and the Pepeha website to support this. Each supporting tamariki to learn their pepeha and take their pepeha home to kōrero with whānau and learn more about their whakapapa and awa connection.  

Head off to a visit a local awa
If possible, head to a local awa or stream. Offer the opportunity for tamariki to explore, take photos, learn the names of the plants that grow along the river edge, the type of rocks which form the river bed or manu they may see in or near the wai. Ask them to tune into their senses in this setting and check in on how the awa makes them feel too.

Parawhenuamea (Atua of Fresh Water)
Waitī is also a great way to connect with Parawhenuamea. We love this short video from Dr Aroha Yates-Smith (Te Arawa, Tainui, Horouta, Taakitimu, Mataatua) from Waikato University, and the waiata would be amazing for your school assembly or Matariki performance!

And to add to this...

Check out some of our other ka rawe Matariki activities 

Curriculum links

Health and PE Curriculum 

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