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Connecting with Matariki

These short activities and ideas create the perfect environment for some Waitā learning while connecting with our emotions and te taiao

A little background...

Matariki is the whetū connected to the health and wellbeing of people. She also represents the start of the Māori New Year and links to hope, reflection, and connection to the environment. Matariki is also recognised as the mother of the eight whetū in the Matariki cluster and is known for gathering people together.

Our ideas...

Matariki reflection and goal-setting

Try using our goal setting activity for a little bit of reflection. This can be really helpful to support tamariki growth mindset. This one includes some artwork and thinking about the ara (journey) to reach our goals.

Mindfulness activity

Our Mindful Matariki activity is perfect for a little bit of mindfulness and reflection.

Tākai and Loopy Tunes waiata

As a class practice this Matariki waiata from our friends over at Tākai and Loopy Tunes. We know this one would make an awesome assembly piece as we approach Matariki.

And to add to this...

Check out our other Matariki activities and ideas to support you and your tamaiki learning

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