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Connecting with Tupu-ā-nuku

Connect with the Matariki whetū, Tupu-ā-nuku while observing a little bit of mindfulness and connection with whenua

Firstly, the science...

Recognising Matariki as our new year contributes to the revitalisation of te Ao Māori fostering a strong sense of cultural identity, pride and in turn supports positive oranga (wellbeing). There are also many other hauora and oranga benefits which include connecting to and appreciating te taiao, engagement with our communities and Matariki also supports our sense of meaning, purpose and hope.

Why this activity?

This is a super easy activity to ground tamariki and connect with the whenua as well as papatuānuku.

You'll need

A warm day and your brilliant tamariki​

What to do

Grounding ourselves and connecting with the whenua beneath our feet. Use the video with Aaron from our team to introduce this activity. 

Take tamariki outside with their hū (shoes) off and encourage them to be quiet and still while taking some deep breaths of fresh air, breathing in through their nose and out through their mouth. Allow tamariki to feel the grass, stones, sand and dirt beneath their waewae (feet). Notice what that feels like, stop to check in with your waewae as they connect to the whenua and papatuānuku. 

We love this short mindfulness activity from Te Papa Atawhai - you might watch it together then use the audio to tune into Papatūānuku while you’re outside.

After this activity ask to think about how taking a mindful moment outside made them feel.

Kaiako card

To come

Whānau engagement

Encourage tamaiki to do this activity again at home with whānau. Ask them to reflect on how the environment at home is different from that at school.

And to add to this...

Continue your Matariki learning with our assortment of Matariki activities. 

Curriculum links

Health and PE Curriculum 

Personal Health and physical development: A1 - Personal growth and development 

Personal Health and physical development: A3 - Safety management

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