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Ko au tēnei - This is me

A simple activity to support introductions at the start of the year, including one for you!

Firstly, the science...

Taking the time to build connections between whānau and kaiako fosters a collaborative learning environment where whānau feel welcome to come to you as they need to. In addition, understanding the background and interests of your tamariki enables you to tailor learning and support by Including the things tamariki love and enjoy.

Why this activity?

An activity that allows tamariki to reflect on the people and things that lift them up while at the same time giving you a little extra insight into who your ākonga are.

You'll need

What to do

Give tamariki time to complete this reflective worksheet and share it with the class or perhaps just with you.


This activity asks tamariki to reflect on two things - who supports tamariki to be themselves and that might be their whānau, or their kapa haka kaiako, or a friend.

Then, where do they feel good - the places they play, relax, meet friends, practice

Whānau engagement

We've made a kaiako version of this worksheet too, perfect for making those introductions to whānau at the start of the year. We've made one with prompts to follow as well as a blank one for you to fill in yourself. You can either edit the PDF or print the document and scan/photocopy it to send home to whānau. This worksheet also includes a section for whānau to share some information with you. 

And to add to this...

Another activity perfect for supporting tamariki getting to know each other at the start of the year is The Whenua We Share. This activity is all about finding commons and drawing connections with each other.

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