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Embracing strengths-based parenting

Supporting whānau to understand the benefits of strengths-based parenting

Firstly, the science...

Dr. Lea Waters, a psychologist, and professor at the University of Melbourne has found two crucial outcomes are seen when taking a strengths-based approach to parenting, the first being optimism, which serves as the driving force motivating your tamariki to envision a positive future. The second outcome is resilience, the ability of your child to bounce back when faced with life's challenges. These are both so important for tamariki development in the long term

Why is this handout important...

Share this handout to inspire whānau to try a new technique with their tamariki to support their development. A technique all about looking at the positive and adopting a mindset of "I can' rather than "I'can't".

Download and share

To spread the joys of play with your tamariki whānau share our Embracing strength-based parenting.

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