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Whare Tapa Whā through the holidays!

The holidays provide a great space to spend some time dedicated to rest, recharging and having fun. Whare Tapa Whā provides great guidance.

Firstly, the science...

Te Whare Tapa Whā is a model of hauora and oranga (wellbeing) developed by Sir Mason Durie, a prominent Māori health advocate and psychiatrist.  It considers and addresses four dimensions  that contribute to our ihauora and wellbeing (Te Taha Whānau, Te Taha Wairua, Te Taha Tinana and Te Taha Hinengaro). This provides a holistic framework for supporting our overall hauora and oranga (wellbeing). It recognises that neglecting any one dimension can impact the overall balance and harmony of our wellbeing.

Why this activity?

It’s the time when we get excited about the holidays knowing it’s a time to rest and recharge.. (though we wouldn’t advocate you wait til the school holidays as the only time to do this!.. We so encourage this for throughout the term time too! ). This activity means we can spend some time conjuring up some of the things we’re looking forward to, as well as creating a go-to when we’re stuck for things to do, or want to schedule in some wellbeing boosting activities proactively.

You'll need

What to do

Kōrero with tamariki about Whare Tapa Whā as a way to consider our hauora and oranga. Ask what are some of the things we could do at home, with whānau, in the community with each other to support each of the five pou of our hauora.


Use the examples on the worksheet, and below to support this kōrero and generate some more ideas


Te Taha Hinengaro

  • Read some pukapuka


Te Taha Wairua

  • Spend time outside (equally good for tinana!)

  • Take some mindful breaths in a quiet spot


Te Taha Whānau

  • Spend time with siblings, parents, family friends and grandparents

  • Prepare something together for Matariki - share some kai, look at the whetū


Te Taha Tinana

  • Create some delicious kai to fuel you

  • Head to the park or playground with whānau or friends

Kaiako card

Print and go with our handy activity kaiako card

Whānau engagement

Be sure tamariki take their worksheets home. Ask that they complete part of it with whānau in order that it becomes their collective hauora plan!

Ask tamariki to share photos of their time together with whānau doing some of the things they’ve enjoyed and felt hauora boosting!

And to add to this...

To continue the Whare Tapa Whā learning in the classroom take a look at our fabulous Big and positive emotions with Te Whare Tapa Whā

Curriculum links

Health and PE Curriculum   

Personal Health and physical development: A1 - Personal growth and development  

Personal Health and physical development: A3 - Safety management

Personal Health and physical development: A4 - Personal identity

Relationships with other people: C1 - Relationships 

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