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Ngahuru mindful colouring

Combine some  colouring with some taiao time, or any way you think will support tamariki to sink into a flow state and chillax. Because it feels like we all need to (a little. bit) right now.

Firstly, the science...

There's something about getting out the crayons or pencils and just letting your mind relax as you fill in those little spaces. It's like a form of meditation, helping tamariki (or anyone) to de-stress and unwind from the day.

Colouring can also be a wee mood booster. It can help us focus our mind on something  positive and relaxing, giving us a break from any worries or negative thoughts.

Why this activity?

Combine some colouring with some taiao time, or any way you think will support tamariki to sink into a flow state and chillax... Because we all need to sometimes.

You'll need

To print this ngahuru colouring sheet and to get the pencils, crayons or felts out.

What to do

Our ngahuru colouring is a great way for tamariki to connect with this time of year, te taiao and to get artistic. 

Beyond colouring here’s a few other ideas to make this more engaging or interactive:

  • tamariki could match some of the colours or shapes to rākau in your school or kura. 

  • or spend the time colouring outside to really connect with the season

  • tamariki could connect their pictures as a wall collage

  • or play the 3 marker challenge! Each ākonga can use only 3 colours, then after 5 minutes, they pass their picture on to someone with a different 3 colours and continue until each picture is mixed with colour and each ākonga artistic flair. Remember to name the backs if they’re going to be gifted back to the originator!

Whānau engagement

Send one home for whānau too, you might use the following note for your online platform or through your social networks

We have some tired tamariki at school this week, not surprisingly after nine weeks of learning, active fun and friendships. We’ve been discussing mindful colouring, and you might find an amazing coloured version of this in the school bags or a blank one for you to do together. We love the 3 marker challenge - you have 3 colours and they have 3 colours. Complete it together with only these 6 pens, pencils or crayons.

And to add to this...

If you're looking for another mindful colouring activity for next time your ākonga need a break try our Aotearoa Manu colouring sheet we offered as a part of ​Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa - Conservation Week It creates an awesome opportunity to learn the names of our native manu as well as bring in another opportunity for some mindful coloring! 

Whānau engagement

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Personal Health and physical development: A1 - Personal growth and development

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