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Why is play important in tough times

A handout to give whānau to start a kōrero around play and the amazing benefits play can have on tamariki, especially during tough times.

Firstly, the science...

Tākaro is super important for our tamariki because it helps them process and manage their feelings. When tamariki are playing, their brains release chemicals that support them to feel happy and less stressed. Playing also supports social skills, problem solving and learning more about the amazing tamaiti they are.

Why is this handout important...

This activity is brilliant as it creates an awesome opportunity to engage tamariki in exploring creative play activities that they can enjoy at home, while also taking the opportunity to share the importance of play with whānau.

Download and share

To spread the joys of play with your tamariki whānau share our Why is play important in tough times handout

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