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How to progress or make a start?

Your school will already be doing many things that contribute to the wellbeing of your team, tamariki, whānau and wider community.

It's really about looking at what works, finding a focus and remaining intentional.

A whole school approach to wellbeing is about putting welling on the every agenda. 

What you focus on you get more of...

Many teachers and schools rely heavily on the education and work of professionals when it comes to teaching children about health and wellbeing. Sometimes, schools don’t always believe they have the appropriate resources to effectively develop a whole school approach to wellbeing. But don’t underestimate your role! Here are some examples of school and kura and how they've gone about adopting a whole school approach to wellbeing.


What we noticed from these approaches is the old adage is true - What you focus on you get more of. And here the schools and kura focus is: 

  • Keeping our tamariki growing up in our community (Burnside)

  • Everyone is entitled to thrive - focus on inclusion (Beckenham)

  • There are some things out of our control - focus on resilience (Rolleston)

  • Become a “lifestyle movement” (Te Kura Māori o Porirua).


And all schools and kura absolutely agree that their culture and community is their strength. 

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