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manahau ~

(verb) to be cheerful, elated, exultant, delighted, ecstatic, euphoric, excited, exhilarated, joyful, jubilant, overjoyed, happy, stoked

Ngā mihi nui for joining us here

Kia ora and Welcome to Manahau: Nurturing Tamariki, Classroom, and Whānau Wellbeing!  

Discover a world of positivity, growth, and hauora goodness with Manahau, your ultimate school wellbeing toolkit! Each week Manahau provides new engaging activities and resources that are steeped in the latest wellbeing science while also designed to support hauora across your learning space for not only ākonga but the entire classroom as well as whānau.

Come join us, we'd love that.

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Embracing Te Whare Tapa Whā

We've meticulously crafted a collection of activities in line with Te Whare Tapa Whā. Activities that support each dimension of hauora and wellbeing – wairua, whānau, tinana, hinengaro and whenua. Beyond this, Manahau highlights tamariki, classroom and whānau unique strengths and qualities. 


Let's grow, learn, and thrive together

Empowering Tamariki

Here at Manahau we work to empower tamariki to become the architects of their wellbeing journey. This is done through interactive activities that work together to support tamariki in developing wellbeing knowledge (crucial life skills), resilience, and emotional intelligence that will set them up for success in school and beyond. Through fostering a sense of agency and self-awareness, we're nurturing these little champions with a strong awareness of their self-care and pride in who they are. 

Engaging Weekly Adventures

Our team of wellbeing practitioners and academics have curated a series of engaging and enjoyable activities that seamlessly blend wellbeing learning with fun. From mindfulness adventures that explore inner landscapes to collaborative quests that strengthen classroom bonds, each activity contributes to a vibrant atmosphere of whole school wellbeing.  


Uniting Whānau and Classroom

Manahau isn't just about the classroom; it's about building and fostering a supportive bridge between school and whānau. Manahau promotes open communication and collaboration, often offering resources that tamariki and whānau can explore together. Whether it's a weekend hauora challenge or a whānau reflection activity, Manahau encourages a sense of togetherness and shared growth.  


Science-Backed Approach

Grounded in the latest wellbeing research, Manahau ensures that every activity is carefully designed to foster positive outcomes for your tamariki. Manahau embeds evidence-based practices in every activity.It is through this we can all connect meaningfully with the importance of wellbeing 

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